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Elite of prairie of Hu Lunbei Er swims 4 days
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Journey kilometer Hailaer, 39 kilometers (9 kilometers sanded Shi Lu)- - sea of golden account sweat pulls Er, 120 kilometers, safflower Er base Hailaer, 182 kilometers, Hu Lun lake, 28 kilometers, completely continent in Li Manzhou, 210 kilometers, HailaerJourney characteristic 1.The tourist attraction arranges the route: Llano of Hu Lunbei Er, safflower Er base, hu Lun lake, full continent in country the door, division of trade of each other city, area of 6 great respect does not miss subterranean fort. 2. Photograph to go to the lavatory, be in on the way scene is so beautiful that scene the place all has enough time to undertake photography. 3. A kind of hotel of accommodation place or have characteristic public house, not old hostel, tent, frame house. With the costly group that business affairs car gives priority to. 4. Can in llano of Hu Lunbei Er night lodges for the night 5. Licence of travel of travel agent of stone of eaves of Hu Lunbei Er date: L- NMG-GN00334(country) of a kind of company, character has assure. We are in all the time overturn low qualitative travel, make special travel character. 6. Give receive freely send a station. Give breakfast 7. Shop:  spruce big-eared fears Pu  ? having shopping activity, managing and many time is visited scene area and on the way scene, when attending groovy low group to enter shopping store, you can choose not to shop, but you had not thought again, the travel mood that can affect you then and crowded take your valuable travel time, you still must face a tourist guide many at one's own expenses mobile pressure. Journey content The first day: Distance of tribe of Mongolia of sweat of account of gold of @  ? : 1The hour controls:  of Nao of Hao of frequency of  of cook a meal of @   crouchs already tribe of Mongolia of sweat of account of  ? gold is Hulun the travel tourist attraction that Bei Erwei is landscape with horde, the Mo Er case that is located in the first water of China of prairie of Hu Lunbei Er straps riverside. Here is the natural grass with celebrated China and foreign countries. Nations of a lot of northward travel herd on Chinese history ever were here nomadism, multiply haunt. 12 centuries end comes at the beginning of 13 centuries, generation day arrogant ever was here into Ji Saizhi prepare for battle, contend for hegemony with each tribe, held prairie of Hu Lunbei Er finally. The layout of tourist attraction of golden account sweat, become the epitome of account of Ji Saihan travel and resurgence in those days namely.
Characteristic: Whenever the summer, the herdsman of the Monggol nationality that banner of tiger of Chen Ba Er walks along Aoteer, the Ewenki nationality people be in the place of lush of this picturesque scenery, aquatic, form group of a horde naturally. Blue sky white cloud, the turn bends river water, overlapping green grass, group group of flocks and herds, the dot nods yurt, wave in the wind smoke from kitchen chimneys, make here makes the world's rare nomadism the Holy land.
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