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Elite of Hu Lunbei Er swims 6 days (the brigade of pure zoology)
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Journey kilometer Hailaer, 120 kilometers, Eerguna, 280 kilometers, Mo Erdao Mo Erdao, 340 kilometers, medium Russian boundary river, 180 kilometers, Hailaer Hailaer, 98Journey characteristic 1.The tourist attraction arranges the route: Eerguna, mo Erdao, in Russian boundary river, llano of Hu Lunbei Er, safflower Er base, area of 6 great respect does not miss tooth Ke Shi. 2. Photograph to go to the lavatory, be in on the way scene is so beautiful that scene the place all has enough time to undertake photography. 3. A kind of hotel of accommodation place or have characteristic public house, not old hostel, tent, frame house. With the costly group that business affairs car gives priority to. 4. Can in llano of Hu Lunbei Er night lodges for the night 5. Licence of travel of travel agent of stone of eaves of Hu Lunbei Er date: L- NMG-GN00334(country) of a kind of company, character has assure. We are in all the time overturn low qualitative travel, make special travel character. 6. Give receive freely send a station. Give breakfast 7. Shop:  spruce big-eared fears Pu  ? having shopping activity, managing and many time is visited scene area and on the way scene, when attending groovy low group to enter shopping store, you can choose not to shop, but you had not thought again, the travel mood that can affect you then and crowded take your valuable travel time, you still must face a tourist guide many at one's own expenses mobile pressure. Journey content The first day: Ancient accept of Er of forehead of @  ? / Mo Erdao distance: 6The hour controls: Longyan mountain villa Go to city of frontal Er ancient accept by the car, be in city of frontal Er ancient accept on the west, north, chiliad sheds river of dripping frontal Er ancient accept, sadly change answers north to go up, with its beautiful moving curve, draw the outline of gives territory of shape of samite China cock " gigantic coronal " . The Zun An of the river is Russian Federation republic, the right bank of the river is the city with highest latitude of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region city of ancient accept of one forehead Er. Lunch hind multiplies a car to be pressed down to Mo Erdao, park of country forest is located in Mo Erdao the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region goes in for sth in a large scale the northwest that bring mountain range thes foot of a hill or mountain, it is country's at present biggest forest park. Ascend Longyan mountain villa, kubla khah is visited, show of view forest city is lubricious, lin Chengwen turns square activity. Characteristic: Eerguna, the time of opposite boundless and space, going to what here can make the person is experienced is Eerguna the person's peculiar extend is ancient changeless hopeful, open-minded, open and upright and wonderful. This is a small town that has rich people distinguishing feature extremely, the lifestyle with each common folk with here disparate amorous feelings, ! Read brilliant with Cang Sang ―, of man of chamber of wampee skin, blush straightforward, the blue eye, charming from skin woman is hired; "Woodcarving arris " , riverside, grange, make here becomes the mankind a on coexistence history distinctive beautiful stalk or branch the scenery line of two. Summertime heart gallop be charmed, winter element wraps silver-colored outfit, tian Jiao's old haunt, the Sukhavati of northland. City of frontal Er ancient accept, one uses the burgeoning town that zoology aesthetic symbol registers, with life, with the history, with culture, cheng Mu is worn 1000 carry harships, hui Run is worn all ages descendants.
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