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Hu Lunbei Er, russia, lake Baikal is panoramic 9 days swim
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D1Seize the opportunity to arrive at prairie of metropolis of city of Hu Lunbei Er -- Hailaer

D2Go sightseeing inside city, into Jisaihan sea of square, Japanese Invading Army helps museum of folk-custom of Er fastness, E Wenke.
Go to llano of Hu Lunbei Er by the car -- tribe of Mongolia of golden account sweat or breathe out and Nuo Er.
The greeting ceremony of tradition of the Monggol nationality, a train of horses carrying goods greets wine of guest, discontinue;
Sample prairie characteristic gust -- the hand gathers up hotpot.
Attend more than 1000 years to come the rich and mysterious colorific that still continues on the prairie is sacred activity -- the Ao Bao that do obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for;
Afternoon but at one's own expenses equestrian roam llano (50 yuan / be equal to hour) ; The prairie strolls
Watch the herdsman horsemanship such as the performance that cover a horse to perform.
Visit herdsman family, the life state that feels contemporary herdsman family
Prairie freedom is recreational activity, watch social evening of sky of prairie sunset, prairie, bonfire, return Hailaer. Suhai pulls Er

D3Wide cold elfland is gone to by the car after breakfast -- Hu Lun lake, prairie scene is viewed and admire in road, the freedom in road drove photographs
Lakefront freedom is recreational activity,
Can enter following activities at one's own expenses: Multiply row lake (20 yuan / person) , lakefront barbecue
Go to China's biggest overland port, full continent in in city Su Manzhou

D4In the morning swing, change the ruble preparation before leaving the country. 13:30 full continent in highway port leaves the country,
The Beijiaersike after Russia presses down dinner, head for bare by train seat of tower continent government - bare
Tower (500 kilometers distance makes an appointment with 11 hours of) . Old train sleeper

D505: 28 reach bare tower city. Before seizing the opportunity after breakfast, Ci of library of past Yi Er captures city, receive machine, enter hotel.
Lunch hind goes sightseeing inside car city: Triumphal square, hall of the Othodox Eastern Church,
Ci of Yi Er library overcomes the local name such as museum to get the better of, dinner. Old hotel

D6Breakfast hind heads for Lake Baikal by the car, visit chorography museum, Lake Baikal museum on the way.
Multiply after lakefront dining-room lunch swim houseboat visits Lake Baikal scene. Return urban dinner by the car. Old hotel

D7The swing after breakfast, souvenir of choose and buy of travel souvenir shop. After lunch 15: 00 seize the opportunity to return bare tower city.
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