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High-quality goods of Hu Lunbei Er swims 6 days (group journey)
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Scheduling: D1: Huhhot, Hailaer - breathe out and Nuo Er (54km 40 minute) Receive 09:55 airliners, head for the world the biggest save the most in good condition prairie- -Big straw of Hu Lunbei Er breathes out and area of scene of Nuo Er travel; Appreciate prairie view on the way, with harbour group take a photo as a souvenir. The nature that your person is intoxicated, it is your photography accept as a souvenir, abandon blatant city, put the optimal place of flying mood. All the way prairie scene, the Monggol nationality after arriving at greets wine of guest ceremony discontinue; Visiting the world the first water- - Mo Rige straps a river, sacred Ao Bao; Sample eat of sterling gust of the Monggol nationality- - the hand gathers up hotpot, watch after often abandon a gentleman praise for the world of the first water- - Mo Rige straps a river; Prairie swing, equestrian roam prairie (at one's own expenses) ; Hind all the way prairie scene goes to border town " full continent in city "Dinner can sample at one's own expenses Russia big eat, Watch Russia song and dance! Enter after full continent li hotel Live: Full continent old hand gathers up fleshy dinner D2: - full continent in (230KM 3.5t) of S301 nation line - - Hu Lun lake (  of 38km of the road inside city 40 minutes) - Hailaer Look around after breakfast full continent in in Russian border land --Country door scene area(8KM) , visiting country door, boundary tablet, vista of Si Ke of the Bei Jiaer after the door that enter a country watchs Russia small town; North is gone to after the biggest lake " wide cold elfland "Hu Lun lake; Lunch samples complete fish banquet, hind all the way prairie scene returns Hailaer; Dinner hind is enteredHailaerWine dot. Live: HailaerDinner of banquet of breakfast complete fish D3: Hailaer - Eerguna - room Wei Boundary river of ancient accept of Er of specified number of the approach after breakfast goes sightseeing, head for Chinese glamour town by the car -- country of people of Russia room Wei; Visit family of China Russia descendant, sample Russian type big eat; Dinner hind and local dweller are collective gam. Live: Room WeiBreakfast Lunch Russia gust eat D4: Room Wei-Mo Erdao park of country forest Go after breakfast east the line is visitedMo Erdao park of country forest, look around go in for sth in a large scale zoology of the nature that bring mountain range shows garden, the film " violet day " exterior base, walk along ormosia slope, cease pine quiet means, cervine path, look 9 mountain cross false village to white Lu Dao, lotic river " 9 Song Feng " 7 kilometers come adrift " boreal border the first bridge " -- lotic river big bridge (at one's own expenses 100 yuan / person) , forest swing, dinner hind enters white Lu Dao!
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