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Hailaer, full continent in, safflower Er base swim 3 days (medicinal powder the
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Scheduling: D1: Hailaer - full continent in Early 08: 30 gather, prairie scene area is gone to to look around by the car after, the car views Ji Saihan square, , watch llano scene all the way, blue sky white cloud, overlapping green grass, group group of flocks and herds, make here becomes the paradise of rare green Sukhavati and the people, the sacred Ao that after arriving at, attends to continued all the time 100000 includes an activity, lunch can sample prairie characteristic gust -- the hand gathers up hotpot (provide for oneself) , after lunch but at one's own expenses equestrian roam prairie. Return Hailaer afternoon, visit visiting world to turn over fascist war to commemorate garden (the guest provides for oneself) . City of border land port is gone to by the car after -- full continent in, full continent in it is a very clean, beautiful small town, structure style has distinguishing feature very much. Live full continent in D2: Full continent in - country the door - Hu Lun lake - Hailaer 07: 00 cry early, 07: 30 with breakfast, 08: 30 go to by the car have " door of Chinese Beijing University " those who sayCountry the doorScene area looks around, Division of trade of each other city looks around, square of art of the world is the greatest child visits in road. North is gone to by the car after the biggest lake --Hu Lun lakeCircumference of lake of sightseeing, Hu Lun 800 lis, blue waves ripples, resemble a glittering and translucent and huge bright phearl, enchase go up in the prairie, it is the 5th big lake of Chinese, this lake with big, vivid, fat, bright, beauty celebrated the whole nation, progenitive fish more than kinds 30, teem with in the lake beautiful white shrimp, lunch can sample delicate " complete fish banquet " (provide for oneself) , by the side of Yu Hu of the ramble after lunch, those who experience nature is halcyon. Hailaer is returned after. Live the sea pulls ErD3: Hailaer - safflower Er base 07: 00 cry early, 07: 30 with breakfast, 08: 30 go to by the carSafflower Er base national forest park(Cheng of 128 kilometers car 1.5 hours) , all the way landscape of prairie wet ground, arrive at the sightseeing inside background area, annulus lake is visited, enter virgin forest in, silvan bath, picked wild flower, the forest strolls, group hill rises and fall, gu Mu is very tall, vegetation is rich, the river is densely covered, lunch can sample gust eat -- hill potherb (provide for oneself) , return Hailaer afternoon, trading company of visiting travel souvenir, medicinal powder round end is happy itinerary! Quote: 868 yuan (do not contain roundtrip old liaison man) Recieve a standard: 1, scene area first gate ticket; 2, accommodation is Hailaer, full continent in 2 evening, the standard is alone between Wei Shuangbiao (like occurrence nature cell asks a guest to fill to neat room is differred or be adjusted for 3 worlds) ; 3, contain 2 early 5 prandial (do not contain a hand to gather up eat of gust of potherb of banquet of hotpot, complete fish, hill) ; 4, trailer coach of the air conditioning between the journey; 5, danger of travel agent responsibility; 6, the driver holds tourist guide service concurrently;
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