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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hebei Province tourism cooperation agreeme
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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hebei Province to promote the development of tourism between the two places, to strengthen regional cooperation to achieve source interaction, sharing of resources, complementarity and common development, 8, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hebei Tourism Tourism Tourism Bureau jointly signed a framework agreement between the two places. So far, I have been with the surrounding area adjacent to 8 in 7 provinces signed a framework agreement on tourism. Under the agreement, the two sides will establish a joint conference system for Secretary for Tourism and irregular coordination meeting was held between tourism, regional tourism cooperation in research to determine the strategy, policies and cooperation mechanisms; mutual support to promote their respective tourism held Marketing activities for tourism promotion mission to facilitate each other for tourism promotion; to achieve the two official tourism website linked to each other; in the hot inter-provincial tourism or joint reported to the National Tourism Administration jointly conducted the two provinces of unified planning , Prescription use; establish the credibility of the provincial tourism information system and the credibility of the disclosure system.
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