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City leaders to the Tourism Economic Development Research
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December 13 morning, the Municipal Committee, Municipal Leading Group International Tourism Office City, Taian Tourist Economic Development Zone headquarters to command Xinxian Ming Tai-tourism economic development zone research. Xin Xianming entourage went to the resort center of Soong Ching Ling Foundation projects and overseas Chinese Lu Road Run Group One day Pinghu project, the construction site Daxinzhuang demolition of old villages conducted an investigation, the members of the headquarters unit of mutual support and collaboration, go all out and hard work of the practice of giving full recognition. For the next step, Xin Xianming stressed communities settlements housing demolition is completed as soon as possible, while speeding up the progress of the new community building; Soong Ching Ling Foundation to further speed up the recuperation center project Taishan Overseas Chinese, Tai Long Xi CYTS integrated tourism resort project Lu Run Group One day No. Pinghu construction projects, the progress of key projects; to regularly visit condolences to the broad masses to actively help solve problems, reflect the concern of the party and the government.
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