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Adore fire
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Adore fire
Adoring fire is the old tradition of Mongolia nation. In Mongolia look, fire is divine. A fire of hold a memorial ceremony for, have an adopted son justice, marriage ranginging from... to... marries important matter, New Year, want fire of hold a memorial ceremony for. Around brazier, cooking range, having a series of sacrificial rites and contraindication.

Fire of the grandest hold a memorial ceremony for is in the twelfth month of the lunar year 23, fokelore is igneous god this day the day that Mirenzamuleha is born. The ceremony is very grand, often begin sweep court, building before 9 days, plan sacrificial offerings.

Towards evening, curtain of night just lop, advocate ignite sweet, circuitous residence a week, the fire that will had equiped is maintained child before, lift sweet maintain in fire child control each red hold a memorial ceremony for 3 v/LIT all over the ground, sweet insert inside brazier, cult calculates begin.

Fire is maintained child, mongolia language cries dash forward force, it is a kind of waist pesters 3 band, there is the igneous frame work of 4 strong points on. Fire is maintained child frame go up in brazier, dry bavin is put inside. Some need not fire is maintained child, make put up quadrangular dry andiron in brazier. blue, white, yellow, red, green multicoloured list, hang in fire to maintain child or on the 4 eyebrow of firewood, represent the life of blue sky, Bai Yun, Huang Jiao, prosperous, green respectively.

Fire is maintained child before, spread one banquet white felt, place desk of a piece of wood, scatter into specific design with parched rice on white felt. Table center is filling flesh of chest of parched rice, tea, red jujube, butter, sheep to wait in the bowl only, what combustion inserts to wear on is sweet. There still is a dish on the desk, end of bone of 4 rib that filling sheep, neck, clyster, chest, sheep... install dish order is bottom of the bone that use a neck, costal mat, enema be placed in the middle, going up again is chest, most the big sheep end that going up is fat fat, dish in oblation is in that evening ceremonially is used. The oblation in the bowl stays after waiting for 24 days, before first day of the lunar year, daily time is maintained twice to fire child in cast hold a memorial ceremony for, fire is maintained child the fire in at least 3 days ceaseless. Some holds 3 months, arrive below one year even fire of hold a memorial ceremony for. Mongolia the will youngest son makes defend fire dish person, contain the hint of continue burning incense namely.

Those who join cult basically is the home advocate peace the boy. Zun Lin is right abandon, kin friend also can attend, the girl and not of the same surname are evasive. Offerings also does not give get married the girl eats. Fire of hold a memorial ceremony for begins, the participant carries a small trencher that contains provision or bowl each, sit the ground prepares to enrol blessing.
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