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Brave man 3 contest
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Brave man 3 contest

Brave man 3 contest (tumble match, archery match, equestrian match) meet in alliance normally, royal seal favor a division, greet Living Buddha, build hill of temple, hold a memorial ceremony for, hold a memorial ceremony for the major rally such as Ao Bao is aspirant row, a general designation " Nadam Fair " , such Nadam Fair, every banner should be held every year ten times.

(1) tumble

Tumble, on standard class Nadam Fair, single chief of 256 pairs of cloth commonly (tumble hand) play the game, outside dividing the banner inside the banner, game goes the place to use 3 day time about, award prize limits has champion, second place, the 3rd, the 4th, on 8, below 8 name and 16, 32, the 64 different specifications such as the name.
The dress of cloth chief is fit to bear fruit " clear is overcome " (shoulder of ripe cowhide bank) , the trouser legs worn over one's trousers of case of pants of Mongolia boots, broad crotch, auspicious cloud atlas, fasten beautiful belt even, xiang Daiying is encircled.

Before the match, become the kind mate of across of the cloth chief that controls two groups, from beginning to end. When cloth chief enters, each square direct and 4 singers sing, sing Shi Bukui to enter with special steps. At this moment, congress compere announces the full name of cloth chief and native place. Cloth chief arrives before contest stage bend forward salute personally, circle field right-hand rotation circuit, with respective adversary fight hand to hand. By old cloth chief and the person ump that understand tumble regulation. Before the award prize after dividing famous take second place is tasted, have two old and the cloth head with bouncing looks nice style, undertake performing contest, but differ throw a result to be pulled open, let them sit at both sides of red cloth chief respectively, award prize likewise. The cloth chief that seizes chief for many times in entire division match gets " master sportsman " title, become honorary cloth chief, enjoy feed salary. Standard class Nadam Fair awards championship " 99 award " the person that win salutes to the front of surpassing a stage, run to adversary next forward adversary salutes.

(2) horse race

First what the horse is 5 cultivate, mongolia take horse race seriously very much. Herdsman discovers good horse at ordinary times, undertake moving teaching, not be Nadam Fair also undertakes horse race, horse race is divided again for post-horse, trot along on horseback and bump horse. Post-horse, the leg of 8 years old of above 60 lis; In 8 years old of the following 40~50; Trot along on horseback, leg 30 lis. The coronal charger of standard class Nadam Fair, award " courser " title, adorn tassel child with colored ribbon. Post-horse match, much by children people undertake, when horse race, a certain number of equestrian judgments attend, horse of third class of just a little presents the flag respectively make mark.
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