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Nadam Fair
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Nadam Fair

"Nadam Fair " it is Mongolia language, chinese interpret is " recreation or game " meaning. The assembly of of a mass character of tradition of people of the Monggol nationality. Also be annual royal festival. Nadam Fair has long history. 1225, into Jisaihan conquer spends thorn child model, to celebrate a victory, had held grand Nadam Fair grand meeting. On ancient time and recent Nadam Fair grand meeting, want to undertake 3 athletics surpass the man, namely horse race, archery and tumble.

Contemporary Nadam Fair congress, except have a man outside 3 athletics, still added the new content such as show of polo, horsemanship, track and field, film, modern drama, a Nei Monggol revolutionary cultural troupe on horseback, hold communication of goods and materials at the same time, commend advanced. Nadam Fair most is in the summer 7, will hold August. At the appointed time the festival of dress of herdsman of the Monggol nationality of far and near is full-dress, come round to take part in the match or be watched in succession.

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