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Folk-custom wedding
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Folk-custom wedding
Mix in boundless historical course special bead below district condition, the Monggol nationality formed him distinctive wedding is consuetudinary. The wedding of tradition of the Monggol nationality does not have distinguishing feature, although differ because of district somewhat difference, but mostly very grand, lively.

Get married get married is one of traditional marriage common of the Monggol nationality. Get married get married is to be in commonly marry be fond of day before today. Bridegroom puts on formal attire of gorgeous the Monggol nationality, wear bow, partner man, preside over a wedding ceremony the person waits to also want to put on a festival full-dress, ride mount a horse together, carry float and gift to arrive the bride's side. Some places, bridegroom can be expedited first before set out " restful emissary " to the woman firm the information that requests bridegroom to set out, wear a v/arc accountant's office that takes oneself in woman yurt southwest. Woman yurt a week is winded first after bridegroom comes, the archery that pull an old unit of length for measuring land with showing a boy valiant, touch door sheep "1 to be mixed only to " of Jing Xian of the bride's side other gift. Then woman pass on a message is entered please, meet those who begin a having sth new rejoin at this moment. Bilateral with song interlocution, of the woman " keep goal person " (general by elder brother's wife people hold the position of) reason does refus to marry shape, with poetry " rise in revolt " , forbid team of get married get married to pass, till woman compere the ability that send a word enters room definitely. Before entering room, the southwest that bridegroom puts bow the yurt first square. Next, bridegroom and partner man hand hold hada, beautiful wine in both hands, propose a toast to bridal parents, long close one by one, salute. The ceremony finishs, the woman sets the person that whole Yang Yanzhao waits for get married get married, sing old toast song by singers. Between banquet, each district can have a variety of different traditional ceremonies, if seek a name,ask age, display Yang Jing wine to wait. Mongolia had had a man to grab the historical period of marriage, also stay in the wedding of the Monggol nationality up to now have the brand that grabs close marriage common. Be like the wedding of person of division Er ooze, in close marriage in the late banquet a few days ago, the sisters that can have a bride with contend for between bridegroom " Sha En is spat " -- take house character (common says to be pulled ha, dibs) the sheep is tibial consuetudinary, local cries " Sha En tells a banquet " . E Er is much this what person criterion can undertake breaking ovine neck between banquet is consuetudinary. Nowadays, the man is grabbed close already nonexistent, these relic are to add bridal happy cheerful atmosphere only.
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