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Chase, it is people of the Monggol nationality's old production activity. Regard horseback as the nation, through chasing this is planted activity, foster the wisdom of people and courage, enhance ability of collective meet an emergency, tone taught sit drive He Ying dog.

Chase, say to surround hunt of hunt, encircle and bunt down, Tian again. Large surround hunt, little a tens of people, many about a hundred person, more even, have fixed date and regulations. Generally speaking, what to hit to surround, have what art of composition. From the cent on hunt target, the tiger is surrounded, the wolf is surrounded, wild hunt is surrounded, Mongolian gazelle is surrounded, the fox is surrounded, hare is surrounded, grouse is surrounded etc. From the cent on dimensions, 5 end length are surrounded, 4 end length are surrounded, 3 end length are surrounded etc. In the past, every organizes by king of the gram that plunge into Sa, all surround for 5 end length. Want to undertake surrounding hunt largely, beard beforehand to all round each tribe is reported, include a site, book time, each responsibility a sector of an area. Should wide surround hunt ace please. Hunters according to time, preparative solid food, horses, gundog and arrow crock, cloth rash (hunt is provided) wait for appliance. Before Xia Qiu surrounds hunt, need " condole horse " (condole fat) ; Wear the red necklace that does with sweet cowhide or cloth and silk to gundog, look Jovian. Surround hunt to have surround, put surround, with a bang surround, whole surround, push surround, surround closely, remove surround wait for a variety of methods, this asks everybody devoteds to post, the person that the canal surrounds hallooes: "Malaga! " (Mongolia language " cap! justice, it is command of a kind of dark word. ) hunters from all around crowd around, outflank prey. The hunter discovers prey, want to capture an opportunity to scatter horse of dog hawk, knock stepping on stirrup, dog, eagle, horse, arrow develops the past together, lift a gun, pull an old unit of length for measuring land or cast cloth rash catch prey, if was not hit, drop cap or towel marked, continue to chase. Capture after prey, return Lu Hejian extraction cloth. No matter how many person attends,surround hunt, of prey " Zhulide " (the lungs of whole deputy heart that connecting a head) must send beat dead the hunter of this beast. At ordinary times one person hunts with clincher, conventional remark, a slender pointed piece of metal, but when much person hunts, taboo these appliance. If where individual is derelict, go wrong line, infringe custom, can get everybody's condemnation. If accidentally injure person, horse, gundog, by chieftain (Abinda) arbitral, the person that punish cause trouble. In chasing, if produce a debate because of prey, put prey in certain cannon-shot in, make conflict bilateral shoot 3 times each, prey puts in the person that win 's charge. Two people do not have quiver, give the person that did not obtain prey.
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