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Mongolia full name
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Some will breathe out the guest that Lun Beier prairie travels, see comrade of a few the Monggol nationality loves to ask " your name? ", make comrade of the Monggol nationality does not know how to answer ability good. Do you know this is why? The person name of a person from apparently look, seeming is a symbol, actually, the person name of a person is a very interesting society phenomenon, the main show form that also is characteristic of culture of a people. It reflects the certain side that psychology of a nation is used to OK and specificly. The name of the Monggol nationality, be different from other minority already, also be different from the Han nationality, him nation names means distinctly.

Above all, from man and woman name limits to look, the name of some men is placing the be on the tiptoe of expectation of elder and happiness to wish, if Ji Riga is pulled (happy) , Bayaer (great rejoicing) , cling to graph (firm) , Bai Yin (rich) , cloth and (strong) , Wuridana is suitable (macrobian) ; Some names with bold and powerful and strong and vigorous birds and beasts, if Aersi is cold (JJ money child) , Suheba animal (fierce tiger) , heart of cloth day solid (lanneret) the age of the grandfather when; some is born by the baby names, long for child long life for souvenir, if amount to Lin Tai (70) , it is benevolence stage (80) , according to benevolence stage (90) , also have what use Chinese directly, be like 73, 82 etc. Press the society with Mongolia accepted ancient time honour person those who name is not little also, like Battle (hero) , carve pattern surely (wisdom person) , Morigen (divine arrow hand) , Sai Qin (virtuous person) . Still have what give a name with precious bullion, hard iron and steel, if A is pulled (gold) , Meng Gen (silver-colored) , Temuer (iron) . Life classics day, effulgent, numerous star twinkles, mystery is deep and remote far. Accordingly, what woman of the Monggol nationality names with bright stars is particularly much, be like Na Ren (the sun) , Sa Ren (moon) , Ao Deng (star) , Aodenggerile (starlight) . They also love to use Zha violet bright red, contend for fragrant fight tree of colourful flowers and plants to name, if its case (flower) , its wood division (stamen) , or use Chinese directly, call peony, Chinese flowering crabapple, wintersweet to wait. Bright phearl, Bao Yu, person place is treasured, name with this, accord with reason, if the tower is graceful (pearl) , Hasendaihasi (jade) . Still have what name with this person disposition, be like: Turigen (fast) , Wuenji (faithful) . By be born what month names is not little also, be like the first month of the lunar year, in March, in May, in June, in July, in August, in September, month of October, winter, the twelfth month of the lunar year. But did not make will be mixed in Feburary alone only the name April, is this why? Somebody explains so: Pronunciation of 2 words unconscious signal is more difficult, and " 4 " with Chinese " dead " homophonic, so everybody kept away from.
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