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E Er is much this folk-custom
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Mongolia welcome honoured guest, marriage funeral espouse, on holidays, godly hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor, the grandest ceremony puts 5 tea namely. Mongolia think: "Without feather, how old wing also cannot fly; Without courtesy, again interesting feature also is mocked. Again interesting feature also is mocked..
The meaning of 5 tea is: Display hada, drink tea with milk, grandma of have a taste of what is just in season, the back that place a sheep child, respect beautiful wine.
Display hada:
Host is greeted send a guest, elders of junior call on, want consecratory hada, this is the great respect that represents pair of guests or elder member of family and kind greeting. Preside hand holds hada in both hands, bend forward lift it personally overdo, hand respectfully after the guest, issue genuflect kowtow piously. The guest receives hada, expressed gratitude, return deferentially to host after hada, master very polite ground presents his compliment to guest kowtow. Fabulous, when Cheng Jisai sweat is alive, often be ligament with hada, associate with a lot of friends, cross main effect to consolidating political power rises.
The material of hada has cloth, those who have silk. Those who have white, have blue, have yellow, but be in the majority with white.
Drink tea with milk:
The guest is invited to enter a yurt, the grandma leather that the cheese of glistening ghee, coralloid, Bao Hou that be like cake places on teapoy of master preexistence red lacquer, and food of parched rice, brown sugar, deepfry. Taking porcelain to pledge next the small bowl with careful, gorgeous design, take a few millet stir-fried in butter with dip of young timber spoon, the tea with milk of delicious of the boiling hot on the make tea, respect let guest carouse. Mongolia boil the tea with milk that make with brick tea, milk or ovine grandma, salt Xianxiang is goluptious, defective goods tastes its person first, also meet satisfied. Grandma of have a taste of what is just in season: Grandma of have a taste of what is just in season is indispensable. Host pours white bright milk into silver-colored bowl, hand with both hands after the guest, the guest is extended with right hand ring finger namely dip in 3 times in silver-colored bowl. Play for the first time to the sky, in order to show Xie Tian; Play the ground the 2nd times to go up, in order to show kitchen range of godly, hold a memorial ceremony for; The 3rd criterion oneself sample. Grandma of have a taste of what is just in season was conveyed Mongolia invocatory and restful, wish the beautiful good intention of animal husbandry bumper harvest wishs.

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