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Go Neimengdalinuoer watchs swan
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Go Neimengdalinuoer watchs swan Had seen the movie " flight bird " later, then the setting of beautiful Huan of United States annulus and moving music are all the time in my heart resound. Be in this then deep autumn, I come to Beijing go up with Inner Mongolia prairie of north, the swan lake that there also is a beauty over there -- , amount to li of Nuo Er lake.

Amount to in it is Hainuoer it is a lake

Amounting to li of Nuo Er lake is one of 4 big inland lakes of Inner Mongolia, be located in southwest ministry of prairie of tribute case Er. In unconscious language " amount to in " it is the sea, "Nuo Er " it is a lake, actually we are admiring the prairie of broad like the sea beauty all the way. Fizzled out into after autumn grass, but this does not affect amid of flocks and herds to wander, the driveway crosses lonesome prairie, our car is in the line with plump and smooth-skinned prairie ignore concealed shows suddenly, also resembling is additional kind ox or sheep.

Is the car too violet? Ba rank? Saw the lake of color of that azure blue aloof later, that is the sea in local memory, the sort of blue really very the color that resembles the sea. In I go up in surface aloof and mental view is being sought hard in brushwood yearning long already white swan, the character of excited have no way in the heart says. Driver Guo master says aside, need not anxious, a little while swan will be so much that swan look you are giddily.

Arrived to amount to Linuoer at the door natural groove guard, we did not enter scene area from the gate, the white teacher on the way that makes photography along with place however leaves for boreal river all the time cut and south river cut, ability is the habitat that swan collects over there, because swan is in commonly,do not have a person and close from grass place perchs.

Who heard the singing of swan

With respect to the place that in front a flock of oxen water, rouse the curassow of a few whiteness, guo master is laughing to turn round to tell me, that is the swan that you should see!

Outside window of smell of gangmaster of my surprise ground, had not considered even on take out watch for a chance, the look recalls the wing that leaves backlighting in sunshine as swan, from us roof has flown. Because swan just transfers a habitat, fly not high so, my enough sees that smooth feather in gentle breeze and well-developed body, the person of the same trade's friend tells me, this kind is to be in amount to in collect a most kind of big swan.

The car stops on the lake beach of a level off, we as if indulge in dream is same, the swan of the swarm swarm that saw You Yi go up in face of lake of crystal clear blue. Here is the heaven of swan simply, have about a hundred about, there are two kinds of colors only almost in eyeful, a kind of blue, a kind of white.

According to the understanding before travel, the familial sense of swan is particularly strong, those who form covey paddle often is father, mother and a few children, or also is the lover in a pair of be passionately in love. Saw before I draw out a camera two white swans comb the case of feather each other next to neck murmur, it is ineffable grace and warmth simply, no wonder the whole world has so much the beautiful and romantic work of art about swan. The cygnet wool look that we see is more miscellaneous, not be too good-looking, age jumps over big swan to jump over hale beauty, all over snow-white, look ugly the story of small duck also historicity ah.
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