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In former days folk-custom of Baotou countryside compasses
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Baotou from Qianlong year a history that forms dorp to already had 260 one's remaining years up to now, form folk-custom of compasses of peculiar native place.

1111From Qianlong first year reach what Baotou dweller pressed the composition such as native place, profession, district, industry to restrict 8 different types 1949 " company " . Every " company " have company plan, each " company " company plan although each are not identical, but the content that has ethic however. Each dweller belongs to " company " or " of company of a few " . Live in the business of fur of acting state home town that in former days Baotou Xi Ge takes for example, they join acting state company by native place, join by district at the same time on the west big company, join downy company or peltry company by the industry, because this; can say in former days Baotou was formed " company " network, also formed the network of ethic.

1111The company plan of each " company " gradually form the countryside compasses folk-custom of Baotou, make people behavior standard. Take the place of for example state company plan " keep watch and help defend each other, disease photograph helps up " peltry company provision: Bring provision of company of farming garden of?; of ∏ of  of Hui discipline blain: Install Hui to write down round an ancient type of spoon to fill up outskirt? of Lu of abstruse Zi  forbids to reach the do violence that hold a knife with person affray, forbid copy to kill; communal sanitation " etc. Be in especially old society " leave south day of opening of goverment office in feudal China, rational does not come in without money " , common people auxes would rather folk-custom of the compasses that press countryside settles civil dispute, also do not wish to engage in a lawsuit to goverment office in feudal China. Countryside compasses folk-custom is the behavior that people is willing to abide by and moral criterion, and how be punished to transgressor? For this, in former days Baotou forms distinctive condemnatory way again, specific have:

1111Covenant. This is the practice of a kind of the most general mediation issue of civilian, normative morality, for example smooth the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (L821 of the Christian era year) , baotou has one succeed in one's scheme child because always be mixed yuan bequest and Niu Yuexi produced conflict. (Do not ascend lama, fair travel to always be gotten with assorted the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces by fane at this moment, sheepskin of esquire of the Monggol nationality appear personally mediation, next Yu Daoguang the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (the Christian era 1821) bilateral on December 20 covenant. Happy event of cognizance ox month has bond to always be mixed yuan right of inheritance, and " succeed in one's scheme child must not grow change forever, also do not listen to instigate infestation to annoy, it is difficult to fear a mouth by, li Yongyuan credential collects card about.
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