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Form sediment of Bai Yang of north of the Great Wall: Sea of black bridge elemen
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Form sediment of Bai Yang of north of the Great Wall: Sea of black bridge element Bulrush to our beck, sea wind gives us kiss, seabird is our sang... midsummer reporter is visited in the sea of Wu Liang element that is known as Changjiang Delta of north of the Great Wall when, as if place oneself plows the wording and purpose of what one writes at writing a writer grandson " Bai Yang form sediment " beautiful scenery.

Sea of black bridge element, it is located in Inner Mongolia western churchyard of the banner before corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs of city of Ba Yan nub is special, it is forms by Yellow River change its course river slash lake, also be global desert the large prairie with half wilderness very scarce area is laky. "Black bridge element " it is Mongolia language, meaning for " Gong Liuhai " , because here ever was born on the history,grow dense Gong Liulin. Area of region of seawater of element of bridge of the black on the history is very large, area of 30 time water area amounts to last centuries 1500 square kilometer. Cause the change of natural condition as earthly drought, surface is at present only be less than 300 square kilometer. Sea of black bridge element is Inner Mongolia base of the largest papermaking raw material and the 2nd big fishing ground, still become famous travel tourist attraction with the quality of Changjiang Delta water with distinctive north of the Great Wall, year welcome a visitor 50 thousand person-time.

But sea of black bridge element most hold the balance the position is to be on zoology benefit. Sea of black bridge element is area of fill of the bend of a river the main component of water conservancy project, it admitted area of the bend of a river the farm catchment of 90% above, after passing laky biology biochemistry action, emit into the Yellow River, the action of salinization of area of the bend of a river of quantity of water of change water quality, adjusting control, control reachs since, also reduce the farm catchment effect to Yellow River water quality. At the same time it is a flood detention area, protect the security of property of circumjacent masses life, can saying is " 800 lis of the bend of a river are fastened at its a suit " ; Wet ecosystem is opposite sea of black bridge element the effect with safeguard circumjacent area ecological balance to rising quite main, because was organized by convention of international wet ground this 2002,include international formally collection of important wet place name. In the meantime, sea of black bridge element is the world on famous avian migrate the ground and progenitive ground. Have inside lake area at present all sorts of avian 180 a variety of many 600, be included a country among them a kind of protection is avian 5 kinds, 2 kinds of protection are avian 25 kinds. Especially the verrucous nose swan with rare precious, annual 3, 600 will multiply habitat here only more in October.
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