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Complete sheep banquet
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Unconscious language of Http://www.gogocn.com (is not standing grain is strapped) the traditional cate that is entertainment honoured guest of the Monggol nationality (call whole sheep banquet) again. It is a kind of banquet with Mongolia the the oldest, grandest nation, be in only commonly the gaudy, grand assembly, decoration when hold wedding or welcoming advanced honoured guest. In the big trencher that after will whole sheep is machined, is placed in the rectangle, resemble the vivid sheep that lying only, fleshy flavour is delicious, sweet wave full hall, full-bodied and tangy. Before guest is dining, hold certain ceremony even, sing loudly paean, reading displays the congratulate of whole sheep to wait. According to document account, ever had set complete sheep banquet into Jisaihan. When Hu Bilie ascend the throng, also set god of hold a memorial ceremony for of complete sheep banquet to venerate, entertain visitor. Arrived clear Dai Quanyang more be current, become county of Inner Mongolia each alliance, banner to recieve the rare dish of the celebrated China and foreign countries of honoured guest now. Baking leg of the complete sheep, sheep that bake is Inner Mongolia area especially a kind of cooked food that A Lashan alliance brings people of the Monggol nationality to receive exalted visitor. The practice that bakes complete sheep is after slaughtering the sheep, draw out splanchnic, wool of scald in order to remove hairs or feathers saves a skin, add all sorts of condiment to be used in tailor-made furnace shuttle bakes Zagasuo to make and be become, colour and lustre is golden, flavour is delicious. Leg of the sheep that bake has the cafeteria of ethical gust to be able to be made in Inner Mongolia each district.

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