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Gather up in vain hedgehog hydnum mushroom
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Gather up in vain hedgehog hydnum mushroom: Meat and fish dishes of Inner Mongolia traditional name. Mushroom of hedgehog hydnum of special local product of less than Mongolia is given priority to makings gather up to make and be become. Send bubble, clean, the fish out after the hedgehog hydnum mushroom that has arranged puts the soup-stock boiler syncopation that burns boil to play. Drop exhausts moisture, suitable silk wool changes measurable shrapnel. In the basin is being piled up trimly below filar Mao Chao. Add inside boiler right amount ripe lardy burn heat, green is entered below paragraph, Jiang Pian a bit scamper, rejoin is right amount element of refined salt of chicken broth, cooking wine, flavour burn boil, fish out green paragraph, Jiang Pian need not, remove float foam after mushroom pushs dish of medium hedgehog hydnum to burn boil into boiler, with small fire cook over a slow fire ripe, the juice that need boiling water closes slightly thick, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale, drench ripe lardy, after turning over spoon greatly, load dish inside, the monkey face that has made is used all around the ornament is become namely. The characteristic is breast of colour and lustre from, appearance is orderly, quality of a material slips tender, mushroom is sweet remarkable, the aftertaste is long.

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