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Full continent water meal
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Food of Manchu and traditional gust. Course of action is broken bits of sorghum rice, corn (bud rice broken bits) or millet, put into boiler to thoroughly cook, immerse with a bamboo fish out in carrying the Jingshui that come newly, relapse 3 times two can. The assist when edible reachs all sorts of green vegetables or potherb with fried bean sauce, be like dish of heart of garlic of shallot, rootlet, Chinese cabbage, caraway, spinach, punt-pole, mother-in-law dish of hemp of fourth, music, Liu Hao. Flavour is cool and refreshing tastily, but disappear heat solves heat. Perillaseed leaf pastry is Manchu and traditional gust cooked wheaten food. Common says to stick mouse. Making a way is to will stick face of broomcorn rice wear, mix with clear water dough, the lotion is made after been iron child. The red bean with right amount reassume is abluent, boil sodden, make fabaceous stuffing. Chosen perillaseed part of a historical period (annual herb, the leaf submits egg form, foliaceous coping is shown toothed model, can be used as medicine, have the effect of antiphlogistic reduce internal heat, its flavour faint scent) with boiling water of summary quick-boil. With rolling pole the agent child the pellicle that roll controls about 10 centimeters into the diameter, fabaceous stuffing the bag is entered hold boiled dumpling model, external use has besmeared oily perillaseed leaf has been wrapped, use flourishing fire steam into boiler ripe become namely. This feeds common popularity at Inner Mongolia the eastpart part inside area of Manchu inhabit a region.

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