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The sheep is carried on the back child
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People of Http://www.gogocn.com the Monggol nationality likes most, the rarest cate. Live life in happy event of sacred, marriage, old person only or just can see on banquet of honoured guest of greeting close friend. Alleged sheep is carried on the back child, it is a complete Yang Xiecheng 7 big (eliminate bosom forked) , take end to enter boiler, add salt to thoroughly cook. With big copper dish place limb, sheep to carry a neck on the back first head of swollen, sheep puts a sheep to be carried on the back, be like a sheep climb the desk on prone position situation. Mongolia is used first each when eating one is pulled down to be eaten off first on Dao Congyang tail, after that but each takes what he needs. Still have between banquet match food of dish, grandma and mare's milk wine to wait. Bake whole sheep, famous traditional Inner Mongolia dish. Use wool to take a skin to rectify a sheep to bake make and become. Body of this dish sheep is whole, gold of colour and lustre is red, sheepskin crisp, hotpot is tender sweet, it is Inner Mongolia drink the masterpiece of prandial common. Useful also decorticate whole sheep is baked make, effect Yi Jia.

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