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Into Jisaihan iron plate is burned
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Http://www.gogocn.com method of a kind of barbecue. Yuan Taizu of according to legend feeds this to taste into Ji Saihan be apt to, gallop be passed to when the world in rate arms in inferior, south presently, fashionable world. National folk heretofore waits in Japan still very popular. So, say to become Jisaihan iron plate is burned. Iron plate barbecue is made distinctive, feed a law chic, bake a square portable belt, very get used to restaurant to manage with the eat outside journey, excursion. Anthology makings it is beautiful with hotpot, can use meat of ox, pig, chicken, fish, shrimp next, after cutting measurable and chip modulation, go up in iron plate by the person that feed bake ripe, dip in to already had the allocated spice juice edible such as shrimp sauce of sesame paste, chili, mustard, green, Jiang Mo, mashed garlic, bittern. Fleshy flavour Xianxiang is goluptious, having a unique style.

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