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A bit beautiful
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Http://www.gogocn.com says to burn the United States again, one kind be Huhhot circulates very long, up to now food of unabated tradition gust. It is early when quiet day, of place a bit beautiful already renown raise capital. At that time, beijing front door is taken, on the pensile fascia before a bit beautiful restaurant door, often mark has " nationalization city is a bit beautiful " model of written characters. Nonlocal guest comes to Huhhot, should sample a bit beautiful, just calculate worthy trip. A bit beautiful technology that make is distinctive, choose material is superior, leather essence and thin moderate of fertilizer of stuffing of thin, hotpot, the spice such as green ginger is all ready. A bit beautiful appear, delicacy is sweet 4 excessive. Watch its form, be like,see the skin is thin only cicada's wings, glittering and translucent and transparent, but chopsticks mentions hang down be like,hang down fine bursa, park dish in be like small cake all round. Taste sweet and not be bored with. It may be said eats Sino-US food, form is beautiful and flavour is thick. Of Huhhot a bit beautiful, made breakfast only in the past with, manage by cafes more, nowadays, the eat of commonly used beauty in the necessary food that already became a lot of restaurants and family.

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