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Instant-boiled mutton
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Http://www.gogocn.com traceable yuan acting. Yuan Shizu asks for according to legend south main forces of Hu Bilie command, after passing hassle, the exhausted troops, empty stomach rumble. Troops stops kill a sheep to make a fire, when preparing to bake hotpot, explore horse will declare, enemy group forces is chased and come, be apart from place where troops are stationed only 10 lis. Army move gives orders by the side of Hu Bilie, the edge is crying: "Hotpot " can bake hotpot to had had not enough time. Chef show resourcefulness in an emergency, rapid ground cuts hotpot piece, put in the agitate in boiling water boiler, wait for incarnadine change to be scooped up namely in the bowl, scatter on saline face, chopped green onion, Jiang Mo, send Hu Bilie edible, after feeding, meet head-on obtain get the better of greatly. Make preparations when Qing Gongyan, hu Bilie was nodded designedly prewar eating ovine sliced meat. Chef is made subtly for the law on this follow the lead of, deserve to wait for a variety of condiments with fermented bean curd, chili. Officers and soldiers people ate to be profuse in praise, hu Bilie grants a name to be at once " instant-boiled mutton " . From now on, instant-boiled mutton is palace cate namely, circulate between clear Guang Xunian folk. As a result of the area habit and condition differ, feed a law to have a color each. Inner Mongolia instant-boiled mutton chooses sheep of large remaining part more go up head, outside the place such as end of backbone, hind leg, sheep, cut measurable chip, in be being put in chaffy dish boiling water light rinse. Shrimp sauce of cauliflower of the sesame paste that reassume already had had, fermented bean curd, leek, bittern flavor spice is fed. This has a way, fleshy quality of a material is fresh and tender, not fat not be bored with, novel and chic.

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