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Of Inner Mongolia special local product [medlar]
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The local speciality that medlar is tradition of Inner Mongolia area is tasted, the medlar property of a medicine that Inner Mongolia produces is full-bodied, quality is good, bead big color is bright, contain sugar tall, with particular flesh thick smell is sweet mouthfeel is good and celebrated, nowadays, medlar already became the nourishing beautiful of people consensus to taste.

    Ba Meng has medlar to grow an area 100 thousand mus, among them the banner before corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs is special 60 thousand mus, the 5 former, banners after facing river, Hang Jin 40 thousand mus, hang fruit area 60 thousand mus, produce per year dried fruit 5 million kilograms. Breed with " next hemp " give priority to, fruit good, its characteristic is bead big full, colour and lustre thin flesh of ruddy, skin little taste of thick, seed sweet, nutrition is very rich, the nutrient component such as a variety of amino acid that contain a lot ofhuman body place to need via appraisal, vitamin, iron, phosphor, calcium and mineral, have stimulative endocrine, add the effect such as force of human body immunity, can reduce content of metabolization of the acidity in blood, take for a long time, can grow liver filling kidney, beneficial getting angry essence of life, raise blood bright eye, treat empty to calm the nerves, embellish lung fights cancer, prolong life, it is accepted cross a century tonic of pure natural and advanced nutrition.

Main source: Western area.

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