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Of Inner Mongolia special local product [naked oats]
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Naked oats is crop of standing grain corn, formal name is naked oaten, the basis sows period morning and evening divides Xia Youmai and Qiu Youmai. Bead of naked oats seed is gangling, have celiac channel, watch look unfamiliar has fluff, you Yiding ministry is remarkable.

   Naked oats nutrition is rich, be able to bear or endure be hungry is fought cold, one treasure is known as in the municipality. Naked oats goods contains candy portion little, albumen is much, it is the food with better diabetic.

   You face is in our country western having very long history, it is Inner Mongolia people's daily food not only, more with its nutrition is abounded, contain sugar little get the favour of broad diabetic, hypertensive patient.

   Main source: Western area.

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