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Of Inner Mongolia special local product [snuff crock]
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A kind of day that respecting snuff crock is herdsman of the Monggol nationality often meets ceremony, the tradition of herdsman is consuetudinary. Respect the gift that offers snuff bottle to should undertake after displaying hada. Everyday life does not display hada, also can use bottle of Hang Jingxian snuff or change snuff crock to represent respectable gift. Respecting snuff crock is mutual trade commonly, the guest comes, begin from better, ordinal give with the guest change snuff crock. After the snuff crock that has received opposite party, open crock lid, take out snuff a few, hear gently, the lid is good remand snuff crock again original owner.

Snuff crock is to use jade, ivory, crystal, agate, halcyon, amber make with the makings such as pottery and porcelain. Its style has fingered citron form, pear form, eggplant form, peach form and persimmon look. Small and exquisite, luxuriant and colorful, quaint and beautiful. The structure of snuff crock includes top of spoon of neck of shoulder of crock body, crock, crock, crock, crock. Modelling criterion but round, but flat, but square, also but polyhedron. Have again in the circle oblate, peach circle, egg circle, rounded. The sculpture on its appearance adornment is elegant, so by Mongolia regard gem as, girls love, also serve as keepsake with the snuff crock bag with elaborate beautiful embroidery.

Snuff is a kind of nicotian goods, in order to be full of advanced oil cent and the dry tobacco leaf of fragrance and enter necessary rare medicinal material, wear is pulverous, load sealed container, after passing proper time Chen Hua, begin to use. When using, stick end of a few smoke to send nostril with finger, gently inspiratory make the person feels relaxed and comfortable suddenly.

Crock of Jing Xian snuff regards a kind of respectable people as ceremony, it is to have its regulation and cultured. If both sides is of the same generation, exchange each other only, the one person in if is better, must ask better to sit, junior on the spot stands, after crossing-over snuff waits for better smell to pass, junior criterion not smell. Had moved snuff pot slightly however the top of head, both hands is held in both hands deferentially return better, in order to show the respect to elder, have the idea that accept better cares to his. Between compeer female crossing-over snuff, general not smell, after borrowing the snuff crock of the other side only, bend forward body salute uses crock body gently to be touched on his forehead, remand next original owner. If be the better advent that respects very much, need to open oneself snuff crock lid the in part, both hands is held in both hands display go up. Crock of the snuff since Cong Qingchu makes the tool that when the Monggol nationality meets, congratulates each other. Once be the rage. Crock of snuff of Ceng Ciyu of clear at that time imperial court " bucket of Fu Luzhi jade " good name. About from Qianlong first year begin, "Of snuff crock make " flourishing (see " since the path is salty notes of the government and the public " ) almost government-owned businessman place is necessary, be in Mongolia area at the same time popular also rise, the friend meets, the first thing is each other gives snuff, in order to show respect. This common is in although inland declines gradually later at the Republic of China, but in the Monggol nationality still be current. Be in especially E Er is much this area, arrive all the time this century 559 time, snuff crock still is the essential thing when people sees. No matter the rich and the poor, also do not divide a men and women, go up with an elegant embroider is small in bags at ordinary times snuff crock, hang at left coerce to fall, when receive a visitor, each other take out each other to give snuff bottle. Now this one consuetudinary decline gradually, except still have in civilian wedding and festival day outside using, already did not see more, basically cheat cigarette place to replace for each other.
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