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Of Inner Mongolia special local product [licorice is leguminous]
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Vivacious woodiness is herbaceous. Also say sweet careless, sweet careless root. Can amount to 100 centimeters high. The summer blossoms, papilionaceous flower coronal, lilac, month of florescence 6 7. Flower fruit is long and narrow elliptic, curve hook shape or cricoid. Inner Mongolia is one of main source of Chinese licorice, the collection that already had more than 200 years up to now the history, crop resides the whole nation the 2nd, quality resides the first, and with lever is suitable straight, qualitative firm pink is sufficient famous, popular domestic and international. Licorice all has in municipal each district distributing. Restrain clear alliance and output of bare peak city with Yi among them most. Of alliance of Yi gram clear " the licorice outside fine grain " with A Lashan alliance " Wang Fu licorice " the famousest.

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