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Of Inner Mongolia special local product [religious art]
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15, 16 centuries, after Huang Jiao passes into Mongolia area, stannic alliance churchyard builds temple of more than 100 Lama early or lateCourtyard. A large number of occurrence of cloister, produced a batch of artisan that serve for religion and painter. They carve BuddhaPicture, scale mural, sunk panel, make " Cha Ma " dress mask and all sorts of musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass. According to account, bei Zimiao the 2ndA Wangluo of world Living Buddha predicts Bi Za of red Tibetan · to pull him monk to have craft quite, ceng Diao engraves figure of Buddha and scale " BuddhaThis strange tale " mural. Banner person amounts to former Xiabaga Lijiya ever was draw of temple of Qinghai tower Er " imperial image " , Still model Huang Jiao author ancestor noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to whole-length, go to oneself old cassock model inside, give Zhang JiaLiving Buddha. This banner still has root of a day making a surname - Quan Pile's actor, ever scale " Elysium " , " whitenessMother " wait for religious brushwork, very suffer praise highly, be thought to exceed Tibet the literary work of a few painter.

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