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Clever travel is not had toward
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-----Beautiful prairie, my home

Clever travel is not had going to is the sentence in Vajracchedika-sutra, tell a person to want to put down persistence, perhaps put down in you that momently, expect came... .

Should offer to go prairie when, have a lot of crosscurrent, long the person that ranks Beijing degrades from what the prairie had read in annual sanded dust storm, be in with the writer far from " wolf totem " in have picture, even somebody offers the prairie that we are this Mongolia outside lean, meeting occurrence wind blows such ability grass is low the situation that shows flocks and herds...

Anyhow, everybody is the train that ascended north to go in compose compose uneasiness, arrive unluckily inside the Beijing north station of unconscious direction is a way station, the station is very old, the feeling that gets on a car withdraws big Shanghai with 30 time about the same, and also saw the everybody concern to future from inside everybody's baggage, convenient cover, biscuit, mineral water, these are to be afraid of in case the companion that cannot eat meat of flocks and herds prepares, below everybody's infection, I also have some of uneasiness quite, took some of pill... . .

Chi Feng

Awake in the morning, the train had arrived Chi Feng, the Chi Feng in the morning is very cold, helianthus flower is everywhere outside car window, aureate leaf sways in morning breeze, as if telling you, the sun had arrived here had visited the area with Chinese the longest time, because have enough sun, the sunflower seed grain here is so full, can weighs high-quality goods. Chi Feng because there is the mountain peak of a bare color near the city,the origin of this name is, mongolia language calls clear Wu Da, this is a very clean city, street and orderly, because of ultraviolet illuminate, the complexion of everybody need not masked, it is the most popular outfit that bask in an injury. Chi Feng still accumulates the biggest ground level city above the world, this gets confirm in the following journey, the car ran two box are oily, still be in bare peak city run quickly inside limits administer.

Beautiful prairie

Leave bare peak urban district, we arrive visited an inland lake and one place hot spring, because hot spring is mixed laky not scarce, so we also did not feel very surprizing, it is those were afraid of the companion of hotpot taking a cattle to put a heart, meat of the flocks and herds on the prairie is not cheap also, there also are 9 foods that hotpot makes only on table, and flavour is very delicious, of the others with what eat in the home about the same also. Have a meal to be brought to us in the yurt experience particularly, dish go up in carpet, let us have some of feeling in grass family be a guest... .

The car leaves in past prairie all the time, as a result of the policy that farming cultivate implemented to the prairie after liberating, so a lot of places are planting crop, without the feeling of a bit prairie, more or less does the igneous driveway of path edge give the country us bring glad, because there still is steam locomotive on this paragraph of railroad, so metropolis from a great distance comes to the friend of very multilateral inside and outside film steam locomotive, because the train is not much,do not pass, so we see steam locomotive without the opportunity, then authority rests on board... . .
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