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Situation of travel short message is covered inside
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"Extensive prairie, extensive boundless, at the moment you had better not want to reading aloud to there is a what person in distance, boundless and indistinct enough lets extremely big big grey you come to tears. Boundless and indistinct enough lets extremely big big grey you come to tears..

Such plainting already as " big toe information " times advent quiet goes however: Multiply the extensive prairie that the car gallops, a group of a group short information are given out ceaselessly, receive, beautiful scenery, favor blends really indefinitely:

What is you can be envisaged immensity? The sky is brimless blue, sea brimless is blue, the prairie is brimless green, at the moment, what is I want to ask you still have brimless? It is me to you brimless loves and friendship, it is my carefree mood...

Situation of travel short message is covered inside

"Sea memory is intimate, skyline is like near neighbour. " the times that corresponding without modernization, the ego solace that a kind of heart longs for not better than, be a kind cannot the heart region response that reality communicates. But, today " big toe information " always, became the true portraiture of detached family member, friend however. When A the graph is in this year in August prairie of boundless and indistinct of place oneself Yu Mang, sigu brimless moment, it is recumbent this is given out, the short information that receives, feedback and communicate what having the heart and setting.

The first group of short messages cease: The sea plays Er feeling

The first short information is very simple, the 51 netizens that just think the Shanghai to the middle of returning burner at the same time pass an information, inner Mongolia is very cool:

I had pulled Er to Inner Mongolia sea, have 10 degrees only

The travel of this Cineimeng has a very peculiar weather appearance: 22 days, set out from Shanghai, way Beijing a favourable turn, pull Er to the sea, it is rain of a cool cool, plane, make a person put on Qiu Yi coolly immediately; 27 days, go to Beijing from Hailaer, beijing goes in us in the road of guesthouse, heavy rain had below, make almost car stops sail; 28 days, arrive from Beijing Pudong, arrive home from the airport in road, it is a thundershower. When answering Shanghai, say this matter to listen to the taxi driver, the driver weighs good sign repeatedly. A graph only however is luck pretty good, have pluvial give a dinner of welcome all the way!

Hailaer city is former the politics that is alliance of Hu Lunbei Er, economy and culture center, now have been a canton of city of Hu Lunbei Er. It has " prairie bright phearl " say. Hailaer is in Mengyu " wild leek ground " meaning, because pull the cross-strait overgrow of Er river littoral wild leek and get a name. Circumjacent area scene is admirable, it is main travel landscape with scene of prairie, laky, ice and snow.

At the beginning of Xia Moqiu in August, this year it is Shanghai the hottest moment, it is close allegedly come 60 years one year the hottest, make people cannot leave air conditioning almost sultrily. Awe-stricken the burning sun of that high above in the sky. And Er criterion is pulled in the sea rather, this year is the summer a the shortest year, the friend that as a result recieves us complains say, it is good to still do not have there's still time to wear skirt become reconciled well swim, summer was done not have. In cool Hailaer, be shined by the sun
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