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The brigade of the prairie
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Turn over old album accidentally, a few pieces of photo films that cover the hair that send to fizzle out inside enter eye; I take out prairie singer from CD wearing- - the special of the Er that rise standard, let him can penetrate spatio-temporal singing pullbacks me then the ocean of that green. . . . . .

Close, close, the odour as that green is tangy and come, the green that I know to I had come in the dream really is marine---Prairie.

Train sails slowly the Lan Hao that eat crow is special station, one dispatch a vehicle stands, I by black city indicative- - statuary place attracts a Bai Ma. The horse is self-evident to the importance of Inner Mongolia. Going before true prairie, I went above all sweat temple visits the Cheng Jisai of environs. Be this knows curved Gong She only hundreds years ago of big carve Mongolia, let whole Eurasia submit oneself to the rule of under the cruel oppression of the people in him. Temple is not very big, hang inside full enginery and map, return those who have captured equipment to display. The history lets a person look not to understand, the Chinese nation of power shake the world declines quickly in times of bright Qing Dynasty at that time, but all these is not important. The west has a saw, the mankind thinks, sacred with respect to laugh. For unapt let sacred a respectful form of address for an old person laugh at broken belly, my briefly visited circuit, went be being retreated, the desert of kubla khah lets historians comment.

Return a station, my pop-up those who leave for arboreous channel is medium cling to. Unconscious administration differentiates inside and inland is very different still, a lot of places call what banner what alliance, as special as Wu Lanhao the before calling Cole secrete right wing banner around. My purpose is llano of division Er secrete. In the course cling to the jolt of 2 many hours, I am in of local how-to left a car, that is a not famous little village, a delicate and charming helianthus salutes my advent in village head. Hamlet place of business is very small really, have a few houses only, I turned a few rounds, cannot find the place that have a meal, abdomen had protested, without giving thought to so much, walked into an other people. See male host sits on kang only, goodwife is cooking. The house is a bit dark, feeling and northeast a house owned by a citizen are about the same. I consider this how appellation when them, male host was greeted, "Which come, occupied? " I showed one's purpose in coming rapidly, in my expect, the enthusiasm like person and northeast person is cheated inside. They pull me to sit to kang, poured cup tea. They asked me a lot of questions, which come, come what does the prairie do to wait. Should know my person walks from Changchun, male host pretends to be gravity to say: "A person, be afraid of? You can take care to nod, unconscious person can be very graceless inside us. " I answer rapidly: "Do not be afraid of, I know inside unconscious much is to resemble you in that way good person. " said everybody to laugh. When having a meal, I asked about a lot of messages about the prairie to them. Local already Chinese changed a lot of, economy and culture suffer inland the impact is very big. Should be informed me to want to enter when the dream is found in the prairie, host of male and female talked in whispers a few, say to me next, their village somebody has motorcycle, can take me, but should give a dot money. I had pried the value, left to be opposite then hospitable couple, let autocycle take me to enter the ocean of that stretch to the horizon.
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