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According to pull a prairie
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Fiery cuckoo, another ground is outspread it is before, bloom in June in pasture. This is the season with downy the most beautiful meadow, green jade-like stone jade-like stone highland barley shines to admire now colourful azalea clearance; Leisurely play chases the yak on the meadow of fragrant grass reaching the sky and Yang Qunzheng, the wild flower in tender brushwood leaves to wither oneself oneself ceaselessly. I am in namely this moment, of the pasture in coming. And in pasture most make my aftertaste boundless, like the dream that if the poem is picturesque,should belong to that according to pull a prairie.

In according to pull a prairie, I saw nature is the most initiative the most perfect harmony. This kind is harmonious, perfect spotless, let person take pity on even, cannot bear the world that the heart takes into her. For fear that a tiny bit of miscellaneous make a noise, what can break her is quiet, down to the beautiful scenery before alls gone. At the moment, below Wen Run's climate, on meadow green grass, all sorts of famous blossom unexpectedly with not famous wild flower, contend for strange fight beautiful. Look at infinite careless sea and the Hua Haizhong of flowery profusion, the flocks and herds of big and fleshy idle front courtyard strolls, extending a body very satisfiedly, or it is drowsily lies in the stroke in the bosom of sunshine to eating a tail, of sea of Yu Cao of ups and downs and beautiful sea rise and fall in. One bends curved brook, far and come, bend Yan round on dark green meadow, if Bai Si is silken. Flow far again.  

Wind blows grass low see flocks and herds. The romance of what kind, of what kind lyric. And the peak of far peak is in hero, the Bai Xue that has not melt, in sunshine according to mirror next rays that give out blindfold. Like the vocal sounds of nature that can have Tibetian girl now and then remote transmit, if your person is crazy be like drunk.

June according to pull a prairie, june in pasture, it is worldly the purest district. In this season, meadow is showily, divine, brushwood is common however. Meet without the person an everyday brushwood, same the seasonal connection of a beauty is together. But the combination with very optional brushwood, present us it is beautiful not just so simple. The combination of brushwood, it is the balance combination of force, between brushwood and brushwood, cannot distinguish, also cannot misshapen. Perhaps, when we walk along this colorful meadow, our look won't attaching at a certain pure brushwood, use hurried empty flurried vision however, from meadow rapid ground flits, admire those we from in order to be very lasting very lasting scene. But brushwood not dispute these, she is being put in means with her from beginning to end, form this colorful meadow. Should arrive wintry spring season, when mountain ridge firn, the river such as accept music river, breasts river sheds evenness of classics prairie infuse sinuately low-lying place, when accumulating shallow lake face, according to the accept handkerchief sea that pulled a prairie to turn wave light into scale scale, with broad bosom and amiable countenance, receiving the black neck crane that flies from distance. I think, can understand this land and clump of general the stem pith of the rice-paper plant most, it is those black neck cranes that read aloud this land forever.
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