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Buliyate person
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When I arrive at llano of alliance of Hu Lunbei Er, had been first fall red-letter day. Dowdily pace wears a person idle pace, planning in the heart, if can be touched,go up pure prairie herdsman, I follow them to issue brazilwood (countryside, town) go, leave this Bacchic town. Happen to, two wear the old woman of ethical dress, walk into my line of sight hurriedly. Their health shows fat posture slightly however, serious, dedicated expression and composed, hurried walking, looking to know is to come from distant a pasturing area. Before going up actively, strike up a conversation, just know they are cloth force inferior especially Mongolia. As follow the requirement that their go to the countryside covers, the articles for daily use that does not have on the one pile prairie that I promise to carrying they and them to purchase with my jeep goes a pasturing area, mix with green vegetables, melon and fruit among them cloth is most.

Buliyate a the person is the Monggol nationality old tribe, its first civilian the silvan prairie area that lives in Lake Baikal to be taken all the time, be engaged in animal husbandry and chase production. Be in about 1207, the person becomes Buliyate to belong to a ministry into what auspicious thinks of sweat, migrate stage by stage to Eerguna region of river of case of river, Lake Baikal, lubricious arris takes herd of prairie upper reaches. According to historical data account, 1922, via Hu Lunbei Er deputy approval of all goverment office in feudal China, ingoing of more than 160 more than 700 people today region of river of mud of stannum of E Wenke banner builds Buliyate banner, administer 4 brazilwood, live all the time up to now. Current, the cloth power that has nearly 7000 people inferior especially Mongolia, multiply lives in this one area.

Jeep is on extensive meadow fully travel 3 half hours, we just reach destination -- boreal brightness brazilwood, check village of herdsman of examine of the dry dagger that be like Er. If act as a guide without host, I do not know southeast northwest early.

Here is true prairie hinterland, stretch to the horizon, without report, communication and traffic facilities, can see now and then outspread road bends on meadow, tread out of person, cultivate comes to that, arrive Chun Xia is seasonal, these roads can be flooded by Mao Cao. So called village, namely 3 herdsman live apart inside the limits that is less than one square kilometer, this is the special attribute decision of herdsman, that is for house-to-house ox, horse, sheep has enough space (careless field) eat feed, see gregarious phenomenon rarely in the prairie so. But between herdsman ambulate, connection is close, it is difficult to having, all traditional goodness that aids. In the past the vehicle of their each other contact, it is horse and carriage, winter is a camel. Nowadays, one part first wealthy person took the lead in using autocycle and tractor. The child of herdsman, no matter men and women, when arriving 56 years old mostly, learned to riding courser to run quickly on the prairie.
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