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Banquet strive call together
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Banquet strive call together, be located in the east of big call together, lie between streetly, also be a Huang Ding child call together temple. Banquet strive call together is called again " gem of call together city " . "Xi Li pursues " be " law " , " presiding " meaning. Banquet strive call together, chinese name is " Yan Shousi " . Call banquet strive, because mix,be amount to the connection that bilks lama to having countless ties. The generation of banquet strive call together breathes out Tuketuxi because turtledove of cloth of style intention Ga has held 4 worlds in the arms to amount to Danjiacuo bilking the cloud, still had become his teacher, had sat to amount to the law that go back on one's word, get so " presiding " renown. Aletanhan goes Qinghai pays a formal visit amount to Lai San world to return at the same time, he comes to be accompanying of turtledove of cloth of Ga of rare style intention to Huhhot. He is perfectness unconscious, Tibet, Chinese 3 kinds of characters, be familiar with again classical. He Tibetan article " kind if classics " interpret Cheng Meng ancient prose, the transmission that this is in Inner Mongolia to Lamaism and development have important sense. As a result of his significant contribution, got sansei amounts to the regard highly that bilks Suonajiacuo, order of law be favorred " aid of ampling Er of assorted of Ban Dida solid " . 10 thousand all previous 16 years, sansei is amounted to bilk lama to answer of Ming Dynasty emperor invite go to Beijing, die of illness unfortunately in road. According to his will, the person that the young son that searchs the auspicious of stage of grandchildren deal Er that identified Aletanhan through a series of religion programs is reincarnation -- amount to Lai Sishi. Sansei amounts to the chamberlain class that go back on one's word to become aware fine arrange removed a Tibet to him renown " Yun Danjia arrange " . He is so far Zhu Shida bilks an exclusive the Monggol nationality in lama to amount to. After be being searched to admit, yun Danjia arrange is in with respect to turtledove of cloth of Ga of intention of Shi Congxi style banquet strive call together learns classical. Hold sit when bed celebration, also be by this classics division was holding him in the arms to take those who go back on one's word to amount to " law " . 10 thousand all previous 30 years (the Christian era 1602) , 4 worlds are amounted to when returning Tibet, he is returned personally convoy travels together, arrived Tibet. After coming back from Tibet, the type of this cloister solicit comments of his abbot is called " banquet strive call together " , and undertook extend is mixed rebuild, built structure of Chinese Tibet Composite. From now on, the exterior of audience hall of hall of classics of banquet strive call together as different as temple of Huhhot other call together.
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