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In amounting to Linuoer to cherish in the prairie never doleful
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Personal notes is fallen in love with " the Hao that sow a woman "

At the beginning of August, we amount to Linuoer to see swan originally, doing not have those who think of to go is not moment, swan was not looked at. Nevertheless, come back moment, a lot of people had " bird of beautiful painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style " beautiful name: My Msn name became " the Hao that sow a woman " , person of the same trade the new nickname of a friend: Duck of bareheaded green skin.

"The Hao that sow a woman " it is Dalinuoer a kind of plants with common prairie, pitch on it is the meaning that took a fancy to its literal purely: Want to feel happy -- if annual we can sow spring " woman " seed, arrived the autumn, how many mother love should we harvest? "Duck of bareheaded green skin " it is us when watching a bird " Ling Guangshan shows " -- hillock has a kind of very handsome bird on wet ground of Nuo Er lake more, the wing of white body, black, slender red foot, formal name black wing grows crural sandpiper, nevertheless, we prefer its local name: "Red foot a form of address for one's wife " . The word says that day in the morning, it is when us in the canopy that watch a bird admire abstractedly with binoculars " red foot a form of address for one's wife " when unbend double foot shows attractive flight heroic bearing, a huge bareheaded appeared suddenly in camera lens! Then, answer ground of foolish of foolish crossing a head to laugh at that to rise momently from him, "Red foot a form of address for one's wife " people from now on much " congener " .

Illicit home experience develops intellectual force on llano of tribute case Er

In the morning 5: 10, travel bus leaves from Beijing piece, bump all the way, after 12 hours, arrived to amount to Linuoer. When the car sets foot on llano of tribute case Er, mr. Zhang puts the leader of a sports team character: On the prairie, you the line of sight that 3 hours also do not run to give me!

Amount to in it is the sea, nuo Er is a lake

In Dalinuoer a the commonnest views use stone load one's writing with fancy phrases to become namely " Ao Bao " , original the mark that it is road and state, later, the meaning produced evolution, down to by apotheosis content, although the Monggol nationality is in in the journey of common, the road wants discontinue almsgiving via Ao Bao.

At the moment knowledge, letting us dare not become him is jape. Dalinuoer, the means of Mongolia language " the lake of broad like the sea beauty " , "Nuo Er " namely " lake " meaning. Dalinuoer is one of 4 big inland lakes of Inner Mongolia. National nature groove guard is located in Dalinuoer the assorted of gram of bare peak city with mid Nei Monggol Autonomous Region overcomes the churchyard that rise a standard, boreal side is the Gonggeer that capacious boundless, evenness is like blanket prairie, the muddy be apt to with arboreous and continuous, scattered dune is to Da Kesha ground. The prairie modes of life and relation to their environment that there is diversity here, infrequent dene Shu Linjing's laky, wet ground of all sorts of view, avian perch, in good condition ancient volcanic landforms...
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