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Big call together
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Huhhot is numerous in cloister, big call together the most negative great reputation. It only then build Yu Mingmo one by one 7 years (the Christian era 1579) . Mongolia words says " Yi Ke call together " meaning for big temple, "Yi Ke " Chinese is " big " , "Call together " for temple, chinese name " great kind temple " , " boundless temple " . North of the street before big call together of jade spring area is carried, it is the positional place of big call together, cover an area of about 30 thousand square metre. The most advanced the glazed tile that those who enter my line of vision is the bright yellow on call together temple, I listen to a person to say previously, huang Ding child fane, one kind is royal fane, one kind is the fane with very high position. This Huang Ding child soundless ground is appearing a kind of majesty, the burning incense flavour that waves far, wanton advanced face spreads on clearing together, did not approach, already purified, my expiration cloudy, the burning incense flavour of engulf bellyful, enter Buddhism clean ground. The axes in the edge from south and north, hall of king of door of pailou, hill, day, bodhi crosses hall of hall of hall, classics, Buddha, Tibet side hall in a palace or temple of classics building and thing. Hall of classics hall, Buddha abuts an organic whole, classics hall is the place of lama Song classics. In the middle of Buddha hall, about figure of Buddha of Sakyamuni of 3 meters tall silver sits up on lotus stage. On column of before Buddha two exceeding lofty or great, dish wear a pair 10 meters tall superabundant aureate coil dragon, carve essence of life absolutely, of great momentum, lifelike. Figure of Buddha two side are Buddha burning the lamp, Maitreya Buddha, still have Huang Jiao father ancestor noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to, amount to Lai San world, Panchen 4 worlds, the draw on the wall of two side wears Buddha hall mural, the picture is Buddhist and fabulous story, although I cannot be understood completely, also see the abundance of the content that mural behaves however, those who draw labour is masterly. My footstep is reluctant to leave in the state in the picture that is like unreal like celestial being to me, wander to be not abandoned. Huhhot city building Yu Mingmo all previous 9 years, the Christian era 1581. Huhhot is first some call together temple, just have city after that.    To here, must carry, it is Aletanhan. A Letan, it is Mongolia language, chinese interpret is " gold " , "Sweat " it is address sb respectfully, also be a kind of appellation to tribal leader. Yuan ruined hind, more than of remaining northerly and migratory, say on the history " north yuan " . A Letan is command right wing Tumote risings to a height Ruth's general, "Stand upright Ruth " Chinese interpret is " country " . A Letan leads right-wing main forces to help north yuan kubla khah -- Bo Di - A pulls Ke Hanping to decide civil strife, establish next meritorious military service, bo Di - A pulls the imperial order that overcome sweat to seal Aletan to be sweat, from this, call Aletanhan.
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