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Immortal diversiform-leaved poplar, life and death all is become forest
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Lunar lakefront, admire harships big desert

In Mongolia language, "Rise standard in " the sea that is the sky, "Amount to come " it is laky. Understand by word justice, the sea that vacating Gelida to come is the sky (Sha Hai) the beauty that accompanies is laky. Inner Mongolia western of churchyard of A Lashan alliance vacate hinterland of the desert in case, the area amounts to 150 square kilometer, the natural marvellous spectacle such as collect desert, laky, oasis is an organic whole, and beautiful lunar lake is enchased here. If set out from Yinchuan, want two hours left and right sides to be able to arrive only, pardonable saying lunar lake is distance home the desert camping ground with each big city the shortest radius.

When we come to lunar lake, already was close dusk, must turn rapidly went up truck of camping ground appropriative, through 40 minutes " desert surf " , stay before the day is black camping ground. All the way, experience the sort of " ascend rise standard in (vacate the desert in case) leave day of 3 foot 3 " feeling. Altitude of sanded hill of truck climb a hill, we are sitting overlook of look as far as one can, boundless and indistinct Sha Hai, insignificant does not have limit. Shake so that be full of dust on board when, saw our destination eventually: See lake smooth sand is lubricious only, hand in photograph reflect, suddenly if dream is general. Lunar lake is geology of thousand all ages evolves those who stay is vestigial -- basin of ― desert lake, condensed whole the zoology world that vacates the desert in case and geological and tectonic marvellous spectacle, growing in circumjacent perch the rare moving such as sanded Xi, sanded chicken, Chinese cynomorium, Gong Liu, white thorn, bitter bean plant.

We all is wanting to take a ship You Hu when, came suddenly flaw brash. Vicinity, the bulrush clump rustle of lakefront makes sound, swallow people circling oasis flitter, have Changjiang Delta taste quite; But far is heavy dune, big desert reaching the sky, desolate still, it is blundering yellow becomes dark only, line also gradually clear. Hear, this is an infrequent heavy rain in desert, the people that is this camping ground inspects us " noble " .

Immortal diversiform-leaved poplar, life and death all is become forest

"Work is millenarian not dead, dead millenarian do not fall, millenarian immortal " , this is view of a kind of exaggerated of course, do not live hundred years tree age diversiform-leaved poplar, can be found everywhere in oasis of frontal aid offer. Diversiform-leaved poplar, renown Hu Tong, mongolia language cries " Tao Lai " , it is the oldest poplar breed on current world, be known as " living fossil is cultivated " . It is a kind of extremely precious arboreal tree is planted, its are precious the gender can be compared with ginkgo tree, frontal aid offer is one of forest of 3 big diversiform-leaved poplar that put only on the world. To the high reputation of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad poplar, make person of frontal aid offer extremely proud -- ― " be less than frontal aid offer, do not know the grand air of big desert oasis is sent; Do not visit diversiform-leaved poplar forest, also the magical beauty that have no way appreciates introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad poplar " .
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