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Any tube-shaped part of an article of clothing of black orchid cloth
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Did not flow in the body dripping Mongolia blood, but have a sincere feeling always to the prairie. Although annual summer is again busy, also can manage to find time go wading prairie. Like be like salmon to must return birthplace every year, had made a kind of habit. Go, do not have what cause certainly. The likelihood just wants to search the green of eyeful, search the flavour of green grass clay, search warm warm sunshine is basked in bask in inflexible body, search gallop with Ma Er put the freedom when either.

The summer this year passes some are particularly. Followed the large contingent of 21 people for the first time, still be the XDJM in jar; Abandon a car to change for the first time by train hard an all of the Lan Bu that go to black.

Weather also plays suddenly turn hostile, I need fresh air

Sit before computer, finger is bouncing on clavier. Brother of a train of horses carrying goods is reminding well-meaningly go this year a lot of detail that the prairie should notice, careless flourishing a lot of weathers are cold. When going out, my waveringly otherwise should take assault clothes. But miss the vision last year, decide or take thick shirt only. Carry, alarming finally with the body that be wrapped.

The air conditioning of the office is very appropriate, gave the door to just know air is stuck wet answer. Beijing city is frowzily in a steam box that does not have boil. The iron that build a wall stands to Beijing north, not big station, it is the people that stretchy neck awaits completely.

The train is air-conditioned, all the way sky is mediatory stop, the steam inside body also is growth and decline. Book of military accomplishment secret always has Zhou Tianzhi of carry result size to say. This all the way volume week day, repair also had 67 to weigh a state for estimation.

All is cool and the Wulanbu of early morning is wet. Had eaten breakfast, make rest and reorganization a bit. The sun had mounted a sky. Of shining, some dazzling. Ma Er slowly go for a walk is worn, lower his head to eating grass. Knowing is me equestrian, still be equestrian stroll me. Horse advocate Babbitt and greedy, feeling letting a person is accurate really, just like in cate edge abrupt change went only small strong.

Everybody decides to go afternoon general a small lake goes, lakefront strolls, also be a very romantic thing presumably, the person also becomes tender rise. Lakefront aquatic is overlapping, the mallard that has in twos and threes is in carefree ground paddle. The cloud follows pneumatic, black clouds presses a top. Still just be well weather, abrupt with respect to drop drop the rain since comes. Walk in rain, rainwater has stroked the cheek, icy. Rain is even more big rise, , MM people pop-up double drive carriage. Drive the cry out of old man aloud of the car, ma Er is excited also rise, scatter 4 hoof to scatter joyous ground to run, very HIGH. GG people criterion very MAN ground is pedestrian in rain.

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