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Prairie of Hu Lunbei Er swims
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Prairie of Hu Lunbei Er, beautiful, abundant, magical, it is the Sukhavati that Chinese north was not polluted together, it is the treasure land that staying development and construction together. Alliance of Hu Lunbei Er is located in the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, get a Hu Lun lake at churchyard (call Da Lai the lake again) with Bei Erhu. Here prairie is capacious, the woods is thick, the river is labyrinthian, laky and vast, fostering people of 2.67 million every nationality, accumulated rich historical culture.

Far before 20000, the main river nowadays -- the sea pulls Er river region to have human activity. Before 10000, "Person of Er of Za Lai Nuo " take multiply in lake of Hu Lunbei Er haunt, created bright Hu Lunbei Er primitive culture. When cling to postscript ministry expands in development of Hu Lunbei Er, at the Christian era 4 centuries are entered advocate Central Plains, build dynasty of Northen Wei Dynasty. Nowadays presses down 10 kilometers of boreal to be in in A Lihe of Jian Chun Qi, have room of stone of Xianbei person remote ancestors, call " hole of A celestial being " . The Qidan person that originates from here and Nuuzhen person also enter the Huanghe valley early or late, with confluence of nation of Chinese other north, made positive contribution for the development of China culture. Qidan person is vestigial see everywhere, plunge into the Qidan person ancient castle near granting Nuo Er, the distant acting Great Wall of a gleam of of edge root river all the time Xiangxi grows 100 kilometers, the gold that Nuuzhen person place builds is acting, in breathe out alliance churchyard also built the impregnable bulwark. The Christian era 12 centuries, "Generation day arrogant " riverside of ancient accept of Er of forehead of Cheng Jisai sweat? Below enter on the west, united Mongolia each tribe, created Mongolia empire base course of study, descendantsed to built yuan of day on Chinese history 1271 ever since. Does here have frequency of entangled of Chen of feet of auspicious be used to? Ancient battlefield, in Eerguna town of city black hilltop left relics of ancient castle of the Monggol nationality. 

Breathe out alliance is located in border land, north and northwest ministry and Russia border, mix western the south and Mongolia country border on. Border land line grows 1686 kilometers, among them in presently paragraph 1010 kilometers, paragraph of 676 kilometers are cheated in. Plane, railroad, highway, canalage and Russia, unconscious two countries is interlinked. Line of edge border land has 5 banners city, 13 villages and towns, brazilwood (unconscious language meaning is) of villages and towns. Of border land of the Russia in be located in among them full continent in city is China the biggest overland (railroad) port. Breathe out alliance district north and south grows about 700 kilometers, the thing is wide about 630 kilometers, area kilometer of 253 thousand square. 

Breathe out alliance people is numerous, the existing Mongolia, Er that amount to Wo, E Wenke, E Lunchun, Chinese, full, time, 36 nations such as Korea, Russia are harmonious inhabit a region, each nation is in language, consuetudinary, live, the respect different Shi Cheng such as food, dress, formal, belief, each have distinguishing feature. Program activity provides long tradition most with the Nadam Fair congress of the Monggol nationality, ? Hold in annual 78 month like, congress has competition of horse race, archery, tumble, also have chess analogy contest and song and dance, and commodity trades wait for an activity, good not lively. 
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