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Breathe out lira of town sweet square is held " affection moves Spain " food fes
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(this net dispatch) will come 28 days on September 22, hall of Western-style food of coffee of Si Zaixin of general of large kitchen bank brings Spain of specially invite of big public house of lira of Huhhot sweet case full-bodied Mediterranean amorous feelings, let you if not,be enjoyed to the top of one's bent pull the Spanish cate with the bold and unrestrained enthusiasm like bright Ge Wu. Kanpusi has the Spanish large kitchen that come from afar ten years to be in Spain top class hotel and dining-room cooking experience, once held a post at Spain the most top class luxurious dining-room Casa Brnigna, itinerary cross Spain he of a lot of cities is having distinctive opinion to the dish type of whole Spain. Kanpusi likes Mediterranean cooking style, be good at be being baked with oven make distinctive Spanish dawdle. Sample to let more people and fall in love with Spanish cate, this persistent Spain large kitchen explores his cate the footstep to cross entered China. In cate and beautiful wine in the Spanish culture of bring out the best in each other, bishop is indispensable spouse. The beautiful Ming that produces place of business of grape of happy from Spanish peach silk can let have deep love for vinous friends absolutely be overjoyed, the cate of of all kinds Spain that is gust of tradition of cook of black town citizen and union of contemporary taste appearance in the spot, before including to provide the food of Spanish characteristic extremely fastfood.

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