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Buy deep flight ticket, the window entrance ticket that enjoys the world is favo
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Learned from Shenzhen airline a few days ago, will come on September 18 during October 5, want a passenger to buy deep boat to come loose only plane ticket goes Shenzhen, the window entrance ticket that can enjoy the world of travel tourist attraction with famous Shenzhen is favourable.

According to deep boat chief of Huhhot business department introduces, passenger the deep boat that in this locality dot of representative of normal airline ticket buys any discounts comes loose plane ticket goes Shenzhen, by the airline ticket inside this person Id and period of efficacy or boarding check, with respect to the window wicket that can reach the world the mouth is enjoyed lower than regular fare 20 yuan privilege. The airline ticket of this activity or boarding check are restricted only oneself buy entrance ticket to enjoy privilege to use, and on airline ticket seize the opportunity time rises for this day to on October 5.

As we have learned, 11 gold are periodic this year, the window of the world will be rolled out in order to reflect " Oceanian culture amorous feelings " the series activity that gives priority to a problem. This deep boat together the airliner phase that the window of the world reachs nearly 60 cities of the famous travel tourist attraction of Shenzhen and whole nation Shenzhen is united in wedlock, this are rolled out to combine sales promotion activity on 1300 many airliners, the resource that is helpful for integrated aviation and tourist attraction, satisfy more outback tourists to the demand that Shenzhen travel goes sightseeing.

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