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Area of travel of Meng Gongshan lake welcomes National Day visitor inside
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According to the information that bureau of tourism of city of peak of Inner Mongolia bare provides, the travel of red hill lake that the reservoir of artificial lake red hill with the largest Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is in goes vacationing the area already rebuilt anew, greet National Day visitor.

Travel of red hill lake goes vacationing the area is located in the eastpart part of division of Weng Niu spy, be located in on the west the main minor aspects of distant river, be known as " river of mother of culture of Qidan · distant " one of middle reaches of old Ha He, urban district of the peak that be apart from bare 90 kilometers. Library area gross area 214 square kilometer, total storage capacity 2.56 billion stere, surface 94 square kilometer.

According to introducing, library area insignificant of grand of mist-covered water of 140 thousand mus of surface, gull circle in the air fish dive. Its environment, had the 6 gist element that current lakeside travels completely: Green jade water, beach, sunshine, air, green, delicate, it is tourist regression nature, the ideal and natural place that has lake water the fitness such as bath, sunbathe, Sha Yu, air bath lies fallow and view and admire rurality.

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