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Liberate 60 years of Jinan to liberate memorial hall to be opened freely
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During be worth Jinan to liberate 60 years this year, the reporter learns from bureau of Jinan city park, the Jinan after the course rebuilds afresh liberates memorial hall 24 days to rise to be opened freely to the public.

It is reported, qiu Dong season is visiting time 9 when to 17 when, Chun Xia Ji Wei 8 when to 18 when, the tourist can be gotten in the administrative room of emancipatory Your Exllency see a bill freely. To control safety of tourist of guest discharge, safeguard effectively, the visiting number demarcate of same time is 200 people. The unit with visiting more number can make an appointment ahead of schedule.

Emancipatory cabinet is located in horn of southeast of former Jinan ancient city wall, be located in liberation army of the people in Jinan battle attacked city breach site to be in in September 1948. Before this, bureau of Jinan city park invests 1 million yuan of Jinan that go up to liberating cabinet to liberate what memorial hall had close half an year to decorate, basically be opposite window of the ground of memorial hall, metope, door, exhibit cabinet, exhibit ark, lamps and lanterns to wait undertake updating, transform in the round to showing a form, enrich and perfect graph article, objective to wait showpiece content, added an electron newly to reverse pattern of book system, matrix umbriferous broadcast system of system and model of multimedia science and technology to wait, demolish emancipatory cabinet booth of around of all kinds commerce nods nearly 200 square metre.

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