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To Taiwan market head chooses route of travel of 4 high-quality goods west the r
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Holding here " seminar of collaboration of trade of classics of stage of 2008 another name for Jiangxi Province " travel industry special subject is recommended on the meeting, jiangxi province rolls out circuitry of 4 travel high-quality goods first, in order to aim at the Taiwan market with broad perspective.

According to Jiangxi Wang Zhongwu of director of province tourism bureau introduces, circuitry of these 4 travel includes circuitry of a highest grade and 3 gold line. Among them, "Nanchang, cottage hill, Jingdezhen, 3 clear hill, the Jinggang Mountains, Nanchang " circuitry of highest grade travel, it is the line of a travel that provides Jiangxi distinguishing feature most, the pithy, world that Dou Jingde of porcelain of the verve of the Jinggang Mountains of gules cradle of classical, China hill of cottage of world culture landscape, world presses down is natural bequest the clever show of 3 clear hill, move feeling the busy couple of metropolis Nanchang is together, concentration presents global visitor. And " Yang Hu of Po of annulus of north of another name for Jiangxi Province is multicoloured elite travel line " " the red austral another name for Jiangxi Province is classical travel line " " another name for Jiangxi Province on the west green is pithy travel line " circuitry of 3 gold travel, will show Jiangxi adequately " gules culture " with " green zoology " .

Recommend in travel industry special subject on the meeting, jiangxi province still rolled out 70 many travel to enrol business project, negotiate for more than 50 Taiwan businessman that attend the meeting, choice.

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