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Because of " black case is compared " influence, mansion gold course has suspend
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Suffer this year the 14th typhoon " black case is compared " influence, storm of mansion gold maritime space is increased gradually, to ensure the passenger gives a security, mansion gold course has all fronts suspend air or shipping service 23 days.

Terminal of Xiamen edge check takes the sea-voyage eastward the discrepancy condition passenger that the station reminds preparation by way of Sha Jinhang the line goes back and forth between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, should notice to dog typhoon " black case is compared " the metabolic circumstance of tendercy and airliner of Sha Jinhang line, in order to ensure a travel safety is smooth.

Edge check personnel hints, want to know the trends of airliner of course of concerned mansion gold and answer boat news, can login " mansion Jin Xiaosan connects a website " .

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