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Our country will be made top-ranking " downy Tibet culture " travel ground
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The history with depend on unique the Xizang Autonomous Region, culture and geographical resource, our country will make destination of travel of the world's top-ranking downy zoology and Tibetan culture characteristic before 2020.

National tourism bureau was passed in Beijing recently " travel of the Xizang Autonomous Region develops overall planning " (2005-2020) long write evaluation. According to the program of 15 years when this is crossed, our country will make the the Xizang Autonomous Region into " zoology of world top-ranking highland and destination of travel of Tibetan culture characteristic " , main content is around area of high-quality goods scene, high-quality goods travel circuitry and characteristic travel area, undertake centralized developing. Develop the principle that integrates according to the face that choose a route, executive center radiate, axes is extended, area development, form stage by stage " 7 areas two corridor take 4 ring area of a collaboration " dimensional layout, it is a center with area metropolis respectively, rely on characteristic resource, make area of travel of center of Lhasa history culture, Shannaya noise made in coughing or vomiting of area of travel of sightseeing of rice huller culture, day Zhumulangmagaoshansheng the god in voice travel area, A Shan Shenghu travels; It is development core with Lhasa, make line of link of 4 gold travel; Ancient course of horse of get through tea, Tang Bo ancient course travels twice corridor; Advance green Tibet economy of travel of along the line of highway of railroad, green Tibet takes construction; Advance plain another name for Yunnan Province to hide collaboration of area of travel of zoology of sweet case lira to develop; Preliminary building the travel route network of inside and outside of area of be well versed in.

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