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Period of red hill culture produced the earliest China ancient country
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"According to archaeology new discovery, period of red hill culture is the class with the earliest China forms level, produced the ancient country with the earliest China. " recently, li Shumin of dean of academy of culture of red hill of bridge of river of Liaoning province ox is opposite in city of peak of Inner Mongolia bare of the earliest class form the generation with China ancient country to put forward new judgment.

Li Shumin thinks, the development whole process of the class should be to happen, form, develop and disappear

On the other hand, archaeological normally burnish the popularity of stone implement and ceramic use the symbol that serves as a The Neo-lithic Age extensively, and red hill culture is had not only develop make the contented, trade that make stone, and own the line of business making jade that develop. Meanwhile, the jobbery such as chieftain of clannish cacique, military affairs, clergy the public property glom on to with one spare part, fashioned private ownership, had social dissension completely to become the condition of the class thereby.

Li Shumin says, the class contradicts to cannot mediate necessarily, produce the country with the earliest China necessarily, and society of red hill culture had been had resist external the aggressive, country essential technique that has administrative effectively internally can. He thinks, standard and changeful red hill culture is altar, normative and changeful Gong Shanwen changes jade article, standard and changeful red hill culture accumulates cairn (hill) it is Gong Shanwen change a society the characteristic of Gu Guojie class, gong Shanwen turns altar, temple, grave, it is China's earliest the Temple of Heaven, the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Wang Ling, it is China civilization is ancient 5000 of the country indicative.