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Australia: Tourist but as close as crocodile " contact "
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Park of a theme of city rolls out Australian Darwin recently new project of a travel -- underwater close quarters " contact " alligator of Australia salt water.

According to Australia " daily telecommunications signs up for " 10 days of reports, the abatis that wears swimsuit, Dai Qian to surface is overspread and connect tracheal tourist to enter a 4.5 meters tall, hexagon first carries transparent box on the head, next transparent box is sunk in a crocodilian pool. Allow two tourists to enter every time.

Have in crocodilian pool ever appeared in film " crocodilian Deng Di " medium star crocodile " Bert " , those who be suspected of those who kill a man sufferring from albinism " Bai Xue " and because of crocodile is at war and losing a tooth with another " .

Because the tourist is in with crocodilian close quarters " contact " when the likelihood is brought about terrified even heart disease, because this tourist must be signed before entering transparent case,one is avoided duty file.

Alligator of Australia salt water is the reptile with the greatest type of build or figure on the world, also be the ferallest crocodilian breed on the world.

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