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Kenya will open up endowment 13 million dollar promotes tourism
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Najibu Balala says · of Mohammed of Kenya tourism minister 13 days, kenya will open up this year endowment 1 billion shilling (add up to 13.31 million dollar about) will promote tourism.

Balala expresses, this capital basically will be used at increasing propagandist strength, popularize and promote the travel of Kenya image, use at opening travel new market especially. He says, the capital of the half will be thrown in the conduct propaganda of the United States, Russia, middle east and Chinese market, of the others wait for investment traditional market to reach to England and Germany include France and Spain inside market of European new target.

Tourism is the pillar industry of Kenya, also be the biggest achieve collect one of industries, kenya travel income amounted to 1 billion dollar 2007. Kenya government predicts, tourism income will fall this year to about 665 million dollar.

By last year December, the disturbance that causes by Kenya president election causes death of on 1000 people, come the foreign tourist amount that Kenya travels is decreased suddenly, agree tourism suffers heavy loss, still be in at present in restoring.

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